Abundance crystals with Mari Brias

Abundance crystals with Mari Brias

Mari Brias, teacher and intuitive healer

Mari has been working in education, growth and transformation for 25 years. She is the founder of MoonBeams Healing where she holds various chats and energy healing sessions for her followers. She has used various healing tools such as crystals, and angel cards. Mari is a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor. She did a Personal Mastery course with Colette Baron-Reid, and is Theta Healing-certified with Viana Stibal.

What are crystals? Crystals are rock formations that have gone through a process of creation involving lots of pressure (usually deep within caves and mountains). This creates a highly organised geometric pattern or crystal lattice within the stone, just like a snowflake.

What are they for in terms of healing, manifesting, clearing and how do they work? Everything has a vibration, and stones and crystals are no different. Crystals are usually very good conductors of energy (quartz crystals for example are highly used in electronic devices to enhance their power). Depending on the geometric structure or pattern, crystals enhance various kinds of energies, including those for healing, grounding and manifesting.

Why do you think they work? I understand crystals to work in two principal ways. First, their unique pattern and structure is linked to the Laws of the Universe. Why do certain star alignments create transformation and shifts on the planet? Why were the pyramids important for Egyptians? Why were sacred sites like Stonehenge or Celtic mazes important? There is something about geometry and pattern, which we still do not fully understand, but which ancient wisdom tapped into. The stability of molecules and atoms within certain geometric patterns, like the Platonic solids or sacred geometry, hold healing properties that have been intuited even by early civilisations.

Second, crystals magnify the energetic fi eld of the person. They act as conductors that amplify the healing and manifesting intention, as well as the potential of the healer or person working with it. This has already been proven by Science and electricity, especially in the use of crystal quartz in telecommunication devices like smartphones and TVs.

Which crystals do you use for bringing in more abundance in your life? I use a variety of crystals for abundance, but citrine has always been a go to crystal for abundance. It is said that citrine placed in key locations — for example in the far left corner of your home, relative to the front door, or inside your wallet! — can help magnify your abundant energy! Clear quartz are also great magnifiers of energy as mentioned previously. Cornelian has also worked wonderfully for me in terms of bringing in abundance!

Thoughts on citrine, green aventurine and clear quartz for bringing in more abundance? Let’s be crystal clear: crystals are not magic lamps that will suddenly bring you luck and abundance just because you own one! Crystals have a vibration and what they do is align you to a particular vibration that will then attract more harmony and abundance in your life. This is where the use of several crystals may be more effective. In the case of abundance, you have the following combinations, which I believe work with our different chakras:

Citrine - to have abundance, you need to feel empowered and believe that you can CREATE abundance in your life! Citrine is perfect for enhancing this power as it aligns your solar plexus chakra (seat of power and courage) so that you can attract more of this energy in your life.

Green Aventurine - cleanses and tunes the heart chakra. To attract abundance, you must have joy and feel like you DESERVE abundance. Self-love is a very important aspect of this, so heart matters must be healed and aligned before you can rise to the vibration of abundance. Green aventurine helps in this process.

Clear Quartz - magnifies your intentions and energies to create a more conducive flow of energy. Together, these three primary crystals of abundance can create a circuit of energy that will allow you to attract it more easily into your life.

How do you use them in your practice? I have crystals everywhere. First and foremost, I use them to create space. I put them in certain corners of my home to enhance the energy or clean the energy depending on their function. In my healing practice, I use crystals when I need clarity on a particular issue, or when I feel that a client needs a particular energetic tone and healing of a specific crystal. I also travel with crystals to help me clean the energetic spaces of places I go to.

Any words or incantation you can use when practicing with crystals? There is no one way to us crystals and each one can find the “formula” that works best for them. My favourite however is: “Creator of All that is, it is requested that this crystal (while holding it in your hand), be cleansed energetically and enhanced to its highest potential so that it can help align me (or another person) to my highest and best good. Thank you. And so it is.”

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