Anais Pierquet

Anais Pierquet

What was your life like in Europe before you moved to Bali?

I was born and raised in a little village in the French countryside, close to the Alps. Then I moved to Geneva to study fashion design for a few years. The shift from countryside to city life was interesting for me because I saw Geneva’s landscapes are amazing, but I realized that I’m just not really fond of city life. It felt like I was always running around. I would be working in a bar while also working on my collections for the brand I started at that time. I also realized I like being close to nature and big outdoor spaces, so I thought I could try to see if the Bali lifestyle can be a better fit for me.

What was it like when you moved to Bali in 2016? What do you remember seeing, smelling and feeling for the first time?

I moved to Bali just as I turned 30 years old that year. When I arrived with my dear friend, we lost ourselves in a whole lot of party time. I guess it was a transition from my old city life to island life. It took me a year to find myself again and get settled. I remembered I came to Bali for nature and space — certainly not for party vibes and endless nights of alcohol!

At first it was overwhelming because the lifestyle is so different: you meet a lot of locals and there is this sense of freedom that I somehow didn’t feel back home. There is also this great smell here. I’m so used to it now that I rarely notice it anymore. I think it’s a mix of incense from the offerings, the humidity and nature. Whenever I come back from a quick holiday in Europe, I smell this as soon as I get off the plane and I know I’ve arrived home!

What is your creative process like, and what are the mediums you use for your artwork?

My art is based on mixed media. I have been working a lot with acrylic ink lately, and I love them so much. The colors flow amazingly and it’s just so much fun to work with that medium. I also like to use watercolours or acrylic.

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