Full moon and new moon

Full moon and new moon


During the full moon, everything is illuminated. This is actually the perfect time to release projects you have been working on. It’s the time to place the finishing touches, to share them, to shout it out to the whole world (or maybe quietly to yourself) knowing full well: It is done. It is ready!

Before sharing your masterpiece here’s some rituals to make use of the moon’s energy:

Cleanse your crystals with the moon’s light. If you don’t have crystals yet, since you’re read- ing this I think it’s a good time to be open to the natural healing and feel good powers of crystals plus they’re gorgeous accents to your home.

Moonbathe. If you haven’t yet, try it. As much as I’d like to go naked (hello neighbours!) I’d be in my bikini and bathe under the moon’s rays. The moon affects the ebb and ow of the tide and since we’re made up of 60% water imagine the effect it has in our own bodies.

Moon-tea. Take a glass jar and ll it with drink- ing water. Place it under the moon’s rays and drink it the next day. Moon powered water is definitely my cup of tea.

Moon Shower. This one I learned from my old boss, when I was still living in Boracay island, she used to put pails of water outside so the moon could shine through it then she uses it the next day for a shower (soooo good and frickin’ cold too!)



This phase of the eight moon phases is when we set intentions. It’s a great time to be still and quiet. To look into how we’re feeling inside, what we want to let go of and what do we want to feel in the coming days or weeks. It’s a great time to breathe life to old projects or create new ones. Think of it as a reset. A deep cleansing within. It’s also the best time to detox—from unhealthy food, relationships, work, emotions, thoughts, you name it-- let go of it.

Sit back, relax and try these out:

Journal. Keep a journal close by and write it all down (dreams, intentions, feelings, things you want to create, values you want to keep, virtues you want to embody)

Meditate. It is the best tool in going within (if you haven’t started this practice and not quite sure how to I would suggest to look online for “Meditation for the love of it” book by Sally Kempton)

Light a candle and say a prayer of intention. You can use our tin can candle holder for your candle! It’s free to read online

Set your intention, feel it, generate it, be it then place reminders around you like using post-its or as a screensaver on your phone.

Then create a plan – If it’s a project create a time- line until the Full Moon when you’re ready to release it.

Use the rituals we’ve highlighted above for the next Full Moon and New Moon dates for 2021.

Happy mooning island girl!

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