Practice grounding

Practice grounding

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you have most likely heard the term “grounding” thrown around often (my own class included!) Ground into your feet, ground your sit bones to the mat etc. In yoga, grounding has two purposes; physically it refers to shifting your attention and raising awareness in your body. Psychologically speaking, this practice invites you to completely occupy the present moment.  

Since we have all been pushed out of our regularly scheduled programing, we are all experiencing this uprooting one way or another. Most of us have trouble to fill all the free waking hours of a day, because you’ve never even had a vacation this long! Perhaps you finally burned through that stack of books, tried that sour dough recipe you saw on insta  or went to YouTube university to pick up a new skill. But lets be honest, the easiest activity to pass the time is to scroll away the hours on one social platform or another. Clicking from profile to link to thread, going farther and farther into the great beyond of cyber space and why not, you have the time!

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