Surf tips: Ikit Agudo

Surf tips: Ikit Agudo

By Ikit Agudo

Surfing is definitely a fun sport. The stoke is undeniably addicting. If you’re new to it there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Find the right instructor. If you’re new to surfing, choose someone you feel comfortable with in the water. S/he will teach you how to properly pop up, paddle, and position your body for balance. Make sure you go with a licensed surf instructor from the Siargao Island Surfers Association (SISA), which is the accredited group of teachers that went through international-standard tests and safety protocols. Check them out on Instagram (@siargaosisa) for more details, or ask your hotel or host to connect you with them.

  2. Get to the right surf spot. Depending on the surf season and if you’re staying in the touristy General Luna area, you would usually go to Jacking Horse, Cemetery and Guiwan. Your instructor will also be able to identify more surf spots for beginners elsewhere on the island.

  3. Be present. Surf is a fun sport, but it can also be dangerous. Focus on what you’re doing in that very moment. Make sure you’re comfortable enough with the water conditions, otherwise, don’t be shy to let your instructor know. Safety first.

  4. Observe proper surf etiquette. Make sure you give the right of way to the surfer closest to the peak. Don’t drop in and snake. If you do this by accident, always apologize. This encourages the culture of sharing waves and helping other surfers too.

  5. Enjoy the ride. That feeling of riding your first wave and getting stoked is the best feeling in the world. I haven’t met anyone who didn’t want to go for another ride. Remember, as long as you’re having fun, you’re definitely doing it right. Laugh and fall off your board or what they call wipe outs, which I also love as much as I love doing hang tens, hang fives and barrels. The more wipe outs, the more you’ll learn skills like how to stay calm, holding your breath underwater, and getting back on the board. It teaches you resilience, and is a metaphor for life!

Ikit Agudo is a surf instructor based in Siargao island, Philippines. She is also a silver medallist for the SEA Games in 2019. Reach out to her for lessons, or simply find out what she’s up to: @ikit_agudo

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