The mind makeover

The mind makeover

I find that I’m not as invested in my opinions and tastes as I had been in my 20’s, when I used to fight, tooth and nail, for every single point I was making. I always had to win the argument because, of course, I was always right--and everyone else was an idiot.

And then, sometime in my early 30’s, something happened. Astrology calls it a person’s first Saturn Return, when the planet Saturn, after circling the Sun for about 29 years, supposedly comes back to its position at the time of one’s birth—and proceeds to demolish that person’s life. Kind of like the Terminator.

Others also call this tumultuous time the Jesus Year, or JC’s 33rd year on Earth, the age when the Son of God began to inspire a widespread spiritual, political, and intellectual revolution—which eventually led to his capture, torture, and death. The personal upheaval that takes place in the life of a more normal human might not have the same widespread effect, but it is just as transformational. And, unfortunately, just as painful.

Whatever we prefer to call it—Saturn Return or Jesus Year—it’s basically game over. Life as we knew it in our teens and 20’s will never be the same. It’s “out with the old way and in with the new.” In other words, it’s time to evolve.

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