Hi ! I'm jof.

I’m a creative entrepreneur on a mission to put a smile on your face through my work — Felice, the carefree island girl. She’s an adventure seeker, beach lover and island explorer just like you!


FELICE (noun) feh-liz — meaning fortunate and happy. It also happens to be my second name, Jo Felice.

What started out as a creative outlet of doodles and paintings became this big crazy idea that soon grew to become a business — the business of bringing joy and fun into your life! I’ve been living in Siargao island since 2015, an island close to my heart ever since I was a kid. I grew up in the city but our family came to spend summer vacations here. Now, I share most of my time on the island with my dear husband Fabio, our daughter Kalea, our two loveable dogs Punto and Bowie, and our adorable two cats Tenzin and Neo.

The concept of the shop revolves around my Felice artworks and has slowly added other like-minded brands that share the same love for well-made and gorgeous pieces for your everyday life. Go ahead and peek through our items in the shop. Want to get your creative juices flowing? Let’s have fun with one of these workshops in the studio. I do believe Felice’s spirit lives in each of us — a joyous, always smiling being that loves to climb coconut trees, meditate under a starry night, worship the sun, surf some fun waves, and kiss some pineapples (well, eat them too!) Come play with me in my new online beach home! If you’d like to chat, ask me a question, or just want to say something silly you may email me at

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