Anna Paula Velez: Cocofrio

Anna Paula Velez: Cocofrio

What we love about the island is the community. You meet interesting people in the shop, along the road, or in the beach. We recently bumped into Anna Velez, owner of Cocofrio, a small and cute stand alone cafè along Tourism Road in the main town of General Luna, Siargao Island, Philippines. We asked her five questions before she went back to work!

  1. What’s your favourite hang-out place on the island?

    At home and Cocofrio (laughs) I surf sometimes.

  2. What is your favourite drink in Cocofrio?

    Coconut coffee freeze —- a blend of coconut meat + milk + Vietnamese coffee

  3. Why did you move to the island?

    Nature! I wanted to be surrounded by nature and surf.

  4. Years in business?

    I’ve been in and out of the island for the last 5 years. When I finally settled, I started Cocofrio last year. It’s been running for a year and one month now. We were still open during the lockdown for the locals and residents.

  5. What is your life mantra?

    Memento Mori — which means “don’t forget we’re going to die someday”. It’s a reminder for myself to live each day like it’s my last. So, only do what you want to do in life!

If you ever find yourself in the island, you certainly won’t miss the yellow and green colored mural along the road. Drop by for a quick and fresh coconut juice or a ice cold coffee.

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