Clear your energy

Clear your energy

Are you feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or restless being stuck at home too long or feeling the fear of the future? These negative emotions can be a heavy cloud that covers you in more sadness and nervousness day by day.

For you to get through these unprecedented times, you need to be at your best mental condition for your health, your loved ones, your work and also to face the unknown of the next months ahead. 

I am Chris Marie Lopez, psychic reader and spiritual healer of Sacred Space Tarot (@sacredspacetarot) and I share with you some simple techniques to make you feel better!


  1. Create a sacred atmosphere in your home. Light incenses and candles to set a relaxing ambiance.

  2. Clean and organize your home. Wash your floor with water and salt or rosemary infused water. Burn some dried sage or thyme, then imagine the smoke banishing dark energies in your home and filling your space with pure white light. 

  3. Use crystals. Gently rub an amethyst stone on both sides of your head or wear an amethyst bracelet on your left wrist.

  4. Be Present. Bring awareness to how you are feeling by journaling or coloring mandalas.

  5. You are what you eat. Avoid all kinds of sweeteners and caffeine from your diet. These are stimulants and can affect your sense of peace in a big way. 

  6. Meditate. It has the power to turn your messy thoughts into a fertile garden where peace, beauty and creativity thrive.

  7. Chant this Hindu mantra --“Öm Nama Shivaya”-- which means “I honor the divinity within me” 

  8. Move your body. Dance with your eyes closed and imagine a white sphere of light in your third eye. This will bring you in total alignment with your Higher Self.

  9. Call upon your Spiritual Guides for support through prayer or meditation. You are loved and remember you are more powerful than your thoughts and emotions – always! 


Love and Light, 


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